Healthy Practices To Take With You In 2022

Can you believe it? It’s been almost 2 years since the pandemic began. Now that restrictions are starting to lighten, most of us are able to look forward to seeing friends and making weekend plans again. 

As we move forward from the pandemic lifestyle we used to know, we wanted to take this time to look back at some of the healthy habits we’ve picked up in those 2 years of being stuck at home. With lots of love from the Zenutrients team, here are some healthy and mindful practices that the pandemic taught us!


1. List down what you’re grateful for

Sofie Magno - Marketing and eCommerce Sales Intern

“Before going to sleep, I list down 3 things I am grateful for. It doesn’t have to be something grand it could be small joys in life such as having a cold drink of milk tea to beat the afternoon heat or playing fetch with my dog. I find that focusing on what I’m grateful for shifts my focus to bright possibilities instead of dwelling on mistakes or setbacks.”

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2. Listen to your body

Joanna Ko - Head of eCommerce

“When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm not, I don't (even if it's meal time). I realized that feeling lethargic or slow is my body's way of telling me to move; whether that's a quick stretch, a walk around the house, or a gym session. I'm more likely to do the "right" kind of self care when I listen to my body first. It's given me a much more grounded way of experiencing everyday when I spend so much time in the abstract (work, social media, games, etc).”


3. Enjoy your shower time!

Pinky Castellano - Junior eCommerce Manager

“At the end of the day, I really take the time to really enjoy my shower routine. Down from the beginning of the cleansing process to getting dressed in my comfiest pajamas. There's just something about a really good shower that resets my whole mood, as if I've washed off all the stress from the day. Because of the fast paced nature of the pre pandemic world, I never stopped to consider how much of a meditative process and form of self care shower time is.”  

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4. Take an extra 30 minutes from your day to relax and unwind

Thea Lucas - Junior eCommerce Manager

“Recently, I started learning that taking 30 minutes off to unwind at the end of the day really helps me sleep better and prepare myself for the next day. What I usually do is make some tea, go over to the balcony, sit down and drink my tea. Sometimes I read blogs online or just look at the view and breathe the fresh Antipolo/Taytay air. Perfect way to end a packed day, in my opinion!”


5. Walk your dogs

Andi Tan - Junior Brand Manager 

“My favorite practice that I picked up during the pandemic would be walking my dogs every night. It's good for self care and my mental wellbeing because it allows me to exercise and get some fresh air while having a relaxing walk outside to end my day. Plus, my dogs are the cutest! Just seeing them puts a big smile on my face.” 

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What’s your favorite practice that you’ve picked up during the pandemic? Comment down below!

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