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About Zenutrients

The brand began in 2007 as ZEN, as then-creator & his family suffered from skin asthma and psoriasis. He wanted a healthy, natural skin care alternative and found that using Virgin Coconut Oil worked for his family. Zenutrients began by bottling & selling Virgin Coconut Oil, which rapidly expanded to related lines: soaps, massage oils, lotions, shampoos & the like.

Honest, yummy, pure products! Every item we make is alive with nature’s colors that feel just as good as they look!

Skin is the body’s largest organ and what you put on your skin soaks in, so it only makes sense to go as natural as you can with skin & hair care products you use.


All Zenutrients products are handcrafted by us at our production site in Manila, at 6 Dona Irenia St., Ireneville 1 Subdivision, BF Homes, Paranaque City.

All Zenutrients products are cruelty-free, we do not test on any animals (ever!).Generally, all our products are vegan, with the exception of products that contain milk (such as the Goat’s Milk Butter).Which means yes, all our products are vegetarian.

All our products are also safe for use by pregnant women, but of course we suggest showing your doctor our products should you want to make sure. Our products are safe for children, but we suggest double checking with your doctor on products that contain peppermint for infants. If you’re unsure, we also suggest heading to any of our outlets, using the tester to do a patch test. Apply the product on a small area on the inside of your arm and observe for 20-30 minutes for any reactions.

We use a lot of ingredients as we have hundreds of products! So if you want to know more, all our products do have the ingredient list on the back label. We do tend to use a lot of Virgin Coconut Oil / Coconut Oil and various Essential Oils across most of our product ranges.

Coconut oil is a wonderful superfood for skin & hair. It can be ingested or applied topically. Coconut oil’s antioxidant effects can help protect against free radicals—its loaded with Vitamin E & lauric acid —so it heals and repair damaged skin and hair. The medium-chain fatty acids are also easily absorbed, can strengthen connective tissue and help with exfoliation.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to heal and improve physical & mental health for thousands of years. Many essential oils can be applied topically to ease inflammation and alleviate pain. While others have antiseptic and antifungal properties are also used to disinfect and heal cuts, abrasions and other wounds and skin conditions. Yet others are used for soothing & treating tight muscles and increasing circulation.



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It is a large woody vine that climbs in the forest canopy. It commonly grows wild in lowland forests near the sea or places that has mild to tropical climates. It can also be found in Africa, other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and in the Pacific islands.

No, because shampoos are meant to clean (and as such remove stuff, like dirt from hair); while conditioners are meant to moisturize (and so “stay” in hair). Since they have opposing functions, we don’t want to dilute the shampoo for being a conditioner too, and so we don’t make shampoo and conditoner in one.


As exfoliation can help treat breakouts, and we all know that teenagers are prone to breakouts, think best in your early teens (13-15 years old). Just don’t go overboard. When you’re first starting out, exfoliating two times a week is enough. You can always increase frequency later on, if your skin can tolerate it. Unless you have sensitive skin, then, once a week will do. For moisturizing, it can also start in your early teens, but may be best to use lighter moisturizers, unless skin is very dry then a heavier moisturizer is workable.

We can’t put a time frame as it also depends on the person’s genetics, lifestyle and habits. Yes okay to be exposed to sunlight, but of course it may take longer to see lightening effects if there’s constant sun exposure.