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All is Well Can Do (Almost) Everything

All is Well Can Do (Almost) Everything

Whatever you’re dealing with–from insect bites to muscle pain–All is Well is at your rescue! 

All is Well Products

What are the things you carry with you everywhere you go? Maybe you’d say your phone, wallet, and keys. But we wanna add something to your list: All is Well

What the hell is All is Well? It’s a coconut oil-based rescue remedy that comes as an oil and a balm. The first whiff of All is Well gives a distinctly bright and minty scent from menthol, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil. Let it soak into your skin and you’ll catch the hint of floral from tea tree oil and warmth from the ginger oil. It is a blend of complementary aromas that are refreshing yet grounding, stimulating yet calming. 

All is Well is what you need in your bag, car, and in every place you go to. You can use it as pain relief or a treat for yourself after a long day. Whatever you use it for, it’s a definite must-have in your daily life. Here are different ways you can use All is Well.

Note: Before you read on, please remember that whatever health problems you’re dealing with, you should always start with consulting a doctor. All is Well is a supplement and not an alternative to medicine!

As an Insect Bite Repellent/Ointment 

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It’s almost summertime! Are you ready for summer hit songs, pool parties…and mosquitoes? If you’ll be going out and exposing your skin, it’s best to protect yourself from all the pesky mosquitoes flying around. To prevent mosquito bites, apply All is Balm on your skin. The balm is infused with eucalyptus oil which will repel mosquitoes away from you. 

If you already have a few bites on your skin, you can also apply the balm to those areas. The balm contains peppermint oil and tea tree oil to reduce swelling and itchiness. 

Did you know that Tea Tree also treats dandruff and acne? Shop our line of tea tree products here!

Motion Sickness Relief

All is Well Products

If you dread traveling because you always get nauseous, All is Well could be the solution you're looking for! Simply apply the oil or balm to your temples and inhale the scent before traveling to prevent motion sickness.

Pro-tip: We have a roll-on version of All is Well Oil that you can keep in your handbag. Take it everywhere with you so every time you get motion sick, you have it on hand!

Nasal Decongestant (for allergies and colds)

All is Well Oil

Nothing’s more annoying than having to breathe through your mouth because of a stuffy nose. Breathe easily and comfortably by inhaling the scent of All is Well Balm. You can also apply the oil or balm on your chest, hands, and back. 

Pro-tip: Inhale the scent of All is Well while laying your head on a stack of pillows. Keeping your head elevated will help your sinuses to drain more easily. 

Headache Relief

All is Well Balm and Oil

Staring at your computer and phone screen all day can trigger headaches (and eye strain). Give yourself a break and immerse yourself in the calming scent and feel of All is Well Oil. Apply it to your temples and inhale the scent to relieve headaches.

Pro-tip: To prevent digital eye strain (which causes headache), take breaks from work using the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes spent looking at your screen, look away at something that is 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds (Source: Healthline).

Muscle Pain Relief

All is Well Products

Tired after a long day of work? We’ve all been there. De-stress and release muscle tension by massaging All is Well Oil over your sore muscles. You can also use the balm with no problems spreading it all over your skin because it contains beeswax (a natural lubricant). But if you prefer an even thinner consistency, you can mix the balm with your favorite lotion or Pure Virgin Coconut Oil.

Did you know that you can put our Pure Virgin Coconut Oil on your skin and on your plate? Check out everything you can do with our pure virgin coconut oil.

Muscle Spasm (“Lamig”) Relief 

Zenutrients Balm

We found out that lolos and lolas use All is Well Oil to get rid of “lamig” in their feet. They massage the oil all over their feet and wear socks to keep the product locked in. If you wanna clear out “lamig sa katawan,” you can massage All is Well to your problem areas. 

And there you have it–all the ways you can use All is Well Balm and Oil. You can carry the balm and roll-on oil everywhere with you, while you can keep the full-sized oil in your home. Whatever you’re dealing with–from insect bites to muscle pain–All is Well is at your rescue! 

How do you use All is Well? Comment below!


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