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What's Your Skin Type?: Find the Best Products for your Skin

What's Your Skin Type?: Find the Best Products for your Skin

Do you know what your skin type is? Take our quiz to find your skin type and the best products for you!

To find the best products for your skin, you have to understand the needs of your skin first. Take the quiz below to find your skin type and the best products for you!


Oily Skin

You might think having oily skin means your skin has too much moisture and hydrationbut it’s actually the opposite! Your skin is overproducing oil to compensate for the lack of hydration. In short, your skin is dehydrated! 

Stop using harsh cleansers and skipping moisturizers to mattify your skin because that makes your skin even oilier. What you should do is to use gentle yet effective products that will keep your oiliness at bay while locking in moisture and hydration. Check out our oily skin collection to control your oiliness. 


Oily, Acne-prone Skin

It’s common for people with oily skin to be acne-prone as well. Your skin is actually overproducing oil to compensate for the lack of hydration. Then, the excess oil clogs your pores resulting in acne. No, you don’t need to scrub your face with harsh cleansers, and skip moisturizers to mattify your skin and heal your acne. 

What you need are products that remove excess oil, tighten your pores, reduce inflammation, and treat acne, while hydrating your skin. There are a lot of things to consider, but don’t worry, we have the perfect products just for you! Check out our oily, acne-prone skin collection to control your oiliness and treat your acne.


Dry Skin

Your dry skin is thirsty for moisture. The easy solution? Use products rich in moisture, and avoid harsh cleansers that leave your skin tight and dehydrated. You might also wanna stick to products safe for sensitive skin. 

One downside of dry skin is the redness and stinginess when your skin is peeling. It’s best to pick gentle products that will moisturize your skin and soothe redness and pain. Check out our dry skin collection to find gentle yet effective products for your skin.


Dry, Acne-prone Skin

Just like excess sebum, dead skin cells clog pores as well. The lack of moisture results in dry, peeling skin. Then, buildup of dead skin cells clog the pores which leads to acne. The common problem of people with dry, acne-prone skin is finding acne medications that don’t make their dry skin worse. 

To deal with dry skin and acne, find the balance between adding moisture to your skin while treating your acne. This is a tricky situation, and we wanna help you. Check out our dry, acne-prone skin collection perfect for both your dry skin and acne.  


Combination Skin

Dry patches and oily skin? This is a tricky situation. What you need is the perfect balance between products that will mattify and moisturize your skin. Your oily skin is actually a result of dehydration, therefore you need products rich in hydration and moisture (which your dry skin will absolutely love). It’s not true that moisturizers make your skin oily. In fact, your skin needs that hydration so it doesn’t overproduce oil to compensate. 

Consider hydrating and moisturizing products as your best friends from now on. Check out our combination skin collection to find the perfect balance for your skin.


Combination, Acne-prone Skin

There are a lot of things to consider here: dry patches, oily skin, and acne. So where do you start? We recommend focusing on your dry and oily (combination) skin first. In doing so, you would prevent acne from happening. Both the buildup of dead skin cells (dry skin) and the excess sebum (oily skin) clog your pores which leads to acne. When your skin lacks hydration and moisture, you get oily skin and dry patches, respectively. 

So what you need are products that will hydrate, moisturize, and treat your current acne at the same time. Check out our combination, acne-prone skin collection to find products that can do all three. 


Normal Skin

You might not have acne, oily skin, or dry patches, but you still need to take care of your skin. Remember: skincare products are not solely for aesthetic purposes, they’re for maintaining the good health of your skin as well. Don’t be complacent and invest in a routine that will prevent your skin from oiliness, dryness, and acne. Check out our normal skin collection to keep your skin healthy. 


What did you get? Let us know in the comments!


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