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A Day with Zen featuring Rojene Quintero

A Day with Zen featuring Rojene Quintero

Rojene Quintero is taking us through her day with Zen! Rojene "Roj" Quintero is a speech language pathologist, and a skincare blogger @feedthyface on Instagram. She’s the eldest of three siblings and she loves dogs, especially poodles. 


Down to our last featured Zen Family, Rojene to take you through her day with Zenutrients!

Rojene Quintero, you can call her Roj, is a speech language pathologist, a skincare blogger @feedthyface on Instagram. She’s the eldest of three siblings and she loves dogs, especially poodles. 


First time buying Zen


It started when my mom bought the Gugo Shampoo. My parents are experiencing hair loss and my mom would love to try local and organic products. Since then, the Zen brand has been a household product. Well, my first time trying the brand was when I tried a commercialized shampoo, I had an allergic reaction to it by having rashes on my scalp, forehead, shoulders & back. Also, I’m experiencing hair loss because I have PCOS. Then my mom recommended the Zen Gugo Shampoo, and I never stopped using it since then. Trying also their other variants, my hair became thicker as ever.



Personal Faves



Zen products that we use more often would be the Gugo Shampoo.  But sometimes, it depends on what our hair needs, we sometimes use the Coco Honey, Tea Tree, Curls by Zen & Baby Love variants. Personally, I’m loving the Gugo variant, it really prevents hair fall, and I love the minty scent to it. For body care, I currently love the Sweet Pea & Baby Love Lotion, why? It moisturizes my skin very well & the Spahhnitizer, it disinfects my skin with the extra pampering moment.



Beauty and Skincare Go-tos

Zen skincare that I’m loving so far would be the Baby Love Sunscreen. I love how it is lightweight, no white cast and very easy to apply & reapply. Sunscreens are a must because it delays the skin’s aging process. It’s also suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. I use it everyday, going to work and even if I’m indoors. 



Has Zen been your household product like Rojene Quintero? Let us know in the comments below!

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