What's Your Gugo Story?

We’re starting the year #GugoStrong! Last December, we asked a total of 100 people to share their #KwentongGugo with us to inspire others to begin their #GugoStrong journey. 

To start, we put together 4 stories from select Zen Family members that have chosen to start the year stronger and more confident with Gugo. 

Mary Joy F. Tabares 

Mary Jane, or MJ, used to have thick, healthy hair growing up, but eventually started experiencing hair fall due to stress. She started noticing a receding hairline and bald spots forming. Desperate for a solution, she started doing her research on how to stop hair fall and promote hair growth. 

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After hearing about Gugo, she searched everywhere for a place that sold Gugo-infused hair care products and stumbled upon Zenutrients. MJ started using the Zenutrients Gugo Line along with some hair oils and followed the curly girl method years ago. After continual usage, she was surprised to see baby hairs starting to grow on her bald spots and her hair curling at the tips.


Tini Castillo 

Tini suffers from Fibromyalgia (a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain), which also takes a toll on her hair. The flares can often manifest into distress, accompanied by hair fall and hair breakage. As an avid user of Zenutrients, she does the 3-step Gugo hair routine for hair care. Using the shampoo, conditioner, and serum together, has made her hair look and feel stronger. 

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Apart from it being sulfate-free, leaving her hair with just the right amount of moisture, Tini personally loves Gugo also because of its minty scent and feel. 


Ira Corpuz 

With all the scary changes happening to our world, Ira does her part by making the conscious effort to find more organic and natural solutions. In her journey to being more organic, she found Zenutrients.

Like a lot of us in the pandemic, Ira found herself venturing into the world of hair coloring. Hair coloring is infamous for damaging hair, but with Gugo by her side, she has no worries and doubts that the product can keep her hair strong and healthy. Apart from that, she shared that Gugo helps keep her hair soft and shiny, while leaving her scalp feeling clean.

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Catherine Xavier 

Catherine started out her Gugo story thinking that the product would only work well for those with long and straight hair. Due to her wavy hair, she experimented first with CGM (Curly girl method) and using Zenutrients’ Tea Tree and Curls line products. But after cutting her hair short, her view on Gugo had changed. 

After only recently trying out Gugo, she found that it was also great for short, wavy hair like hers. Catherine loves Gugo because it helped in lessening her hair fall while keeping her hair soft and scalp moisturized. 


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