Meet the Zen Family

By now, we're sure you know that we're celebrating our 10th anniversary. We've been around this long because of you and the support you've given us! We're proud to introduce our first batch of Zen Family members, a group of people who've been supporting us through thick and thin.



Karrots Nazareno (@karotitay)

Otherwise known as Tita K, she's the co-host of the Tita Project Podcast (along with another member of the Zen Family!), a yoga instructor, and a skateboard aficionado.


Yciar Castillo (@yciar_castillo)

Yciar's makeup is always to perfection, but that's not surprising as she's a Training Manager at Laura Mercier. Check her feed for some gorgeous looks!


MC (@herskinproject)

If you haven't followed MC yet and you're looking for honest reviews of skincare products, you're missing out! Aside from her honest reviews, she's also an advocate for mental health.


Marjorie Uy (@seatsfortwo)

Marjorie is a foodie, lifestyle, and travel blogger. Her feed will undoubtedly make you crave good food and good travels. You can also check her and her husband's website at!


Anne Bella (@stylistofsorts)

Anne is a personal stylist, creative consultant, and an absolute pro at helping people cleanse their closet virtually. She also curates and sells pieces over on @sourcedbysos!


Lucien Lao Villarruz (@lucienlaovillarruz)

Lucien is a wife and mother who loves to weave! You can find her line of slow fashion kids' clothing designed to grow with your kids over on @littleluli.


Kaycee Enerva (@themachomom)

Kaycee is truly a macho mom and posts about her fitness journey on her feed. She's also a blogger, and you can find her blogs over on 


Conci Navarro (@concinavarro)

Conci posts all about her adventures as a wife and mom, and her anecdotes are relatable for a lot of women out there. She also posts about her adventures on


Michelle (@mymomfriday)

Michelle is an all-around kind of gal. She's fitness goals, foodie dreams, a pet-lover, and then some! Check out her blog on for home and lifestyle tips.


Anya Lim (@joyanyalim)

Anya is a community development worker, and social entrepreneur co-founder of @anthillfabric, a Filipino enterprise working to preserve local waves and support livelihoods!


If you want to join the Zen Family, see the mechanics in the post below. Exclusive discounts and promotions await you!

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