Our First Employees' Go-to Products

This month, we’re marking our 10th anniversary! With all the trials and triumphs that have come our way, we want to give credit to the most incredible team. 

Some of these people have been with us for 10 years, and they have been working tirelessly to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible so that all of you get the best products and service.


We do have a few things up our sleeves to celebrate our anniversary, so you might want to think about what products you’re adding to cart. As the people who’ve known our products the longest, we’d say that best people to ask for recommendations. And you know what? We did just that! Here are our 10-year strong employees’ favorite products!

What Angela does: President

Favorite products:

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil, “I have psoriasis so this is a lifesaver for me, plus I do oil pulling and this is the best for it!”

Tea Tree Cooling Roll-on Deodorant, “If you haven’t been using our deodorant, you’re missing out!”

Gugo Shampoo, Baby Love Shampoo, and Argan Shampoo, “I switch between these shampoos.” We recommend switching between our variants so that your hair gets all the nutrients it needs. 

Spahhnitizers, “A must have pre- and especially during the pandemic.”

All is Well Roll-on Oil, “Another bag staple, this multi-use mint (and then many more) roll oil is my spa anywhere.” You’ll be seeing more of All is Well in this list, it’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

What Mami She does: Production Supervisor

Favorite product:

Glutathione & Papaya Soap, “Compare sa ibang sabon na nagamit ko, sa Glutathione & Papaya Soap lang nag lighten ang balat ko.”

What Kuya John does: Finished Goods Supervisor

Favorite products:

Glutathione & Papaya Soap, “Hindi malagkit sa balat, hindi kailangan mag lotion.” 

All is Well Oil, “Ginagamit ko para sa muscle pain.”

What Rishel does: Purchasing Officer

Favorite product:

All is Well Oil, “Nakaka-relax pag gingamit ko pang massage.”

What Kuya Bong does: Driver

Favorite products:

Gugo Shampoo

Coco Honey Conditioner

All is Well Oil, “Very relaxing.”

What Sarah does: Label Dispenser

Favorite products:

All is Well Oil, “Very relaxing.”

Baby Love Lotion, “Smooth siya sa skin!”

What Manilyn does: Quality Control Junior

Favorite product:

Turmeric & Lemon Glycerin Soap, “Mabango siya, at nawala pimples ko dito.”

What Kathleen does: Quality Control Senior

Favorite products:

Cooling Tea Tree Deodorant Spray, “Hindi siya malagkit sa balat.”

Gugo Shampoo, “Mas lumago ang buhok ko.”

What Mary Jane does: Raw Material Dispenser

Favorite products:

Sweet Pea Lotion,  “Smooth sa skin.”

Gugo Shampoo, “Mas kumapal ang buhok ko.”

What Aiza does: Sales

Favorite product:

All is Well Oil, “Pampatulog ko ito gabi-gabi.”


So there you have it, our top products according to our 10-year strong employees! Keep an eye out for some surprises we have for you this month 😉

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