First Time Gugo User? Here’s What to Expect

For long-time Zenutrients users, it’s common knowledge that Gugo is our best-selling and most popular line. But if you’re new to the brand and don’t know what on earth Gugo even is, keep on reading! We’ve compiled a list of things you can expect when trying out our Gugo Shampoo for the first time. 

“What is that thing inside?”

One look at our Gugo shampoo and you will probably notice that there is something inside the bottle. What exactly is it? That thing you see inside our shampoos is actually a piece of Gugo bark! Having an actual piece of Gugo in our products is testament to our mission to produce natural hair, skin, and wellness products.

“Oh, lather.”

When switching to natural shampoo, it won’t lather up as much as your old shampoos did. This is perfectly normal. Natural shampoos don’t contain foaming agents such as sulfate, so expect a lot less lather. It might feel like it at first, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not getting your hair clean. It might seem like you need a lot more product to clean your hair, but you can still use the same amount. 

“Why does my hair feel dry?”

Gugo is naturally a drying ingredient. So if you’re not used to it, using the shampoo can make your hair feel dry and heavy. This is all normal, but if the dry feeling gets too bothersome, we recommend pairing it with our Gugo Strengthening Conditioner to get the best results.

“My hair feels heavy and oily.”

The first few days of using natural shampoo will most likely leave your hair feeling oilier, sticker, and heavier. This is because your scalp is still adjusting to the new product being used. But don’t give up! Just keep making sure that you’re rinsing all the product out and eventually after a few washes, you’ll find that your hair feels healthier and more nourished.


Some key benefits of using Gugo Shampoo

Through continual use of Gugo products, one can expect to achieve thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. A large forest vine that grows locally in the Philippines, Gugo has long been used to promote natural hair growth. Curious as to how exactly hair fall happens and how Gugo can help? Read our past blog on hair loss. Want to know more about Gugo and how it’s helped some of our consumers in the past? Check out our blog here.


There is definitely a learning curve, but switching to natural hair care products can be beneficial for both you and the environment. Achieve soft, healthy, and strong hair while using gifts from Mother Nature herself. Your hair will thank you for it!


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