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Are clean bath products important for babies?

Are clean bath products important for babies?

One of the ways we care for our Zenutrients family is making bath times worry free. And most importantly, using products that we know are clean and safe for the little ones.

One of the ways we care for our Zenutrients family is making bath times worry free. And most importantly, using products that we know are clean and safe for the little ones.


There’s a lot to think about when having a baby. All moms and moms-to-be are inundated with things to be concerned with: the food, the air quality, sterilizing everything in sight, the quality of their milk (or formula, whichever way the little one gets fed!) and of course, what touches their infant’s skin



The little one’s sensitive skin needs a product that is, in fact, made for them. It’s just natural to want to be a little more natural with products for them...a little more clean, a lot less things to worry about! One thing to be able to take one thing off the very long mom worry list. How do we know? The Baby Love Top-To-Toe Wash was made with this in mind, just to remove any fuss about what product may be used for babies. Zenutrients’ Baby Love Top-To-Toe Wash is now Php 249 from its original price of Php 325.




Fun Fact: the brand did have a baby line, but Baby Love was reformulated from scratch when one of the women on the Zenutrients team was pregnant! She asked the team if it was possible to make a product that can be used straight from birth. Being a family brand, the whole team agreed that it would a perfect fit to the range, and set out to make a product that is soothing, gentle, worry-free and can be used from birth onwards (and totally great to use for adults too), so Baby Love Top-to-Toe Wash was quite literally, reborn. To match the Baby Love Top-To-Toe Wash, you can also try Zenutrients’ Baby Love Calendula Gentle Baby Conditioner permanently priced at Php 260.


FYI: in case you were curious, the little one that inspired this product is now 4 and still happily using Baby Love Top-To-Toe Wash. 

It starts with the Zenutrients basics: a clean formulation free from sulfates, parabens, artificial colorants, silicones, and vegan. Then the team added some important touches to make it day 1 usable (yes, it is that safe).

CocoHoney was added as a natural preservative so it’s not just paraben free, it’s completely preservative-free. Super ingredient bonus: CocoHoney is complete in amino acids and mineral-rich, making it ideal for skin and haircare. Calendula was then added, because this flower is widely used for its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a wonderful ingredient for caring for sensitive skin. The combination of these two ingredients make a top to toe that works well for infant skin, little ones and those who need a product that can care for issues such as eczema, skin asthma and psoriasis too. The fact that it happens to smell amazing by combining these two ingredients just makes the product that much better.



A complete line of Zenutrients’ Baby Love products here!




Share us your baby’s bath time stories AND get a FREE Baby Love set from us! Let us know in the comment section below, we’d love to read your stories.


  • Posted by Tricia Garin on

    Whenever I used product for my baby, I always check the ingredients and look for products that are paraben and sulfate free because my baby has a sensitive skin.

  • Posted by Mary Rose Salcedo Estacio on

    I use cocohuny shampoo to my only Doughter…

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