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Why Argan is loved for hair and skin

Why Argan is loved for hair and skin

Why Argan is such a popular and sought out ingredient? Read on to find out how it got its famous nickname, Liquid Gold, and why it is so loved for hair and skin!

Ever wondered why Argan is such a popular and sought out ingredient? We compiled a short list of reasons why and how Argan got its famous nickname, Liquid Gold, and why it is so loved for hair and skin.

Argan is a natural fruit that is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree in Morocco. This oil-based ingredient was previously used for cooking, but down the line found its way into people’s nail, skin, and hair regimen.  

Fun fact! Argan is famously called ‘Liquid Gold’ because of its golden yellow hue. Lucky for us, Argan is now accessible everywhere. Keep reading to find out why!


Read on to learn about some of Argan’s incredible benefits.

  1. Hydrates for shiny, healthy hair (source)

Argan oil is full of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E that help soften hair and maintain moisture while cares for damaged, dry hair and boosts shine (goodbye split ends!). Argan is also so gentle that it can be used to treat colored hair. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

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  1. Scalp treatment

Like we said, Argan is a much loved ingredient for hair and skin! Since the scalp is part of our skin and crucial to your hair health, it’s a wonderful product to use for sensitive, dry scalp. Want to use Argan all over? We also sell the pure Argan oil so you can use on hair, face and body.

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  1. Styling aid

Apart from its hair and skin care benefits, Argan oil is a great styling product! It can be used to boost your hair’s shine, smoothen frizzy hair, and define curls.

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The uses for Argan are almost endless! Use it anywhere  for massages, after-shower moisture boosts,  hair treatment, and even on your nails & toes to soften cuticles! 


A little goes a long way! Our favorite way to include argan in our daily routine is with Zenutrients’ Argan and Chamomile shampoo and conditioner. In case you missed it, they also come in bigger bottles so you save money AND reduce plastic waste!

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