Sticking to the Essentials: Why We Went Paraben, Sulfate, and Phthalate-Free

It's no secret that you should read the long list of ingredients on your beauty and bathroom products. But then what?

We totally get that all the scientific terms behind your shampoo bottles can be a bit intimidating. To help you out, here’s an easy breakdown of some names you might encounter, and why we, at Zenutrients, choose to go paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free.


Beauty and wellness brands constantly rave about being paraben-free, but what exactly is paraben? To put it simply, parabens are preservatives typically formulated into conventional hair care products. These prolong the shelf lives of your shampoos and conditioners, allowing them to sit in stores and bathroom cabinets for an extended period of time.

While there are several claims that parabens are harmful or unsafe, our reason for opting against it is that it just isn't an essential ingredient to maintaining healthy hair. Since our hair care products are made with fresh ingredients, you might want to pay extra attention to the expiration dates—they’re proof of our paraben-free, all-natural ethos!

Zenutrients aims for the most natural formulations so that you don’t have to worry about finding your way around unfamiliar chemicals. We like to keep things nice and simple because that’s all you really need!


No questions asked, keeping your hair clean is a top priority. That’s what sulfates do in a wide variety of products, such as liquid detergents, toothpaste, and of course, hair care products. So why don’t we use them?

The problem with sulfate is that it tends to clean a little too well. In other words, hair care products containing sulfate can be unnecessarily intense, which is why it wouldn’t hurt to take a step back and go for a gentler option. Going sulfate-free allows for a mild, yet effective wash that leaves your hair moisturized—not overly stripped of its natural oils. This is also perfect for those of you with color-treated hair that calls for a milder approach.


Finally, phthalates are added to conventional shampoos to make them feel the way they do—lubricated, spreadable, and slippery, but that’s pretty much it. Like parabens and sulfate, phthalates are also a nonessential ingredient that you can easily do without.

Natural ingredients get the job done. They get your hair to its healthiest state in a straightforward, uncomplicated way that gives you a lot less to worry about!

What we’re trying to say is…

Tons have been said about ingredients like paraben, sulfate, phthalate, and other chemicals that are mixed into your everyday products. The truth of the matter is that labeling these chemicals as good or bad really isn’t as black and white as most people make it seem. They may be irritants for some, and not so much for others. They might create unwanted change in your body, or they could maybe not.

What we can be certain of is that paraben, sulfate, and phthalate unnecessarily give you more to think about. It can be a lot to keep track of, and if you’re very particular about what goes into your hair, it becomes a lot to fuss about as well.

We believe that hair care shouldn’t be that way. By stripping our products down to what’s truly essential, we found that going with the simple and the familiar is the most stress-free way to give you the results you’re looking for. We’ve thoughtfully selected—or didn’t select—certain ingredients to deliver a stellar, organic product that we’re proud of.

And because we want to make your lives easier...

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