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  • I was looking for ways to improve the hair of my 5-year-old daughter when I came across a vlog that reviewed Curls' products. I bought the conditioner right away from this website and tried it on my daughter's hair. The smell was incredible, and Drei's curl improved dramatically in less than a month. The product is extremely gentle and suitable for use by children.

    Zyianne D.

  • This is a perfect mild shampoo for your curls! Shampoo-ing my curls 2x a week, and it helped me to wash away the product build up, also IT DOESN’T DRY MY CURLS compared to other low-poo which are too strong.


  • It smells really good on my hair, and it keeps my hair hydrated even if I do not apply it everyday. I only use this twice or thrice a week, but my hair feels hydrated and fresh everyday.