Wave to Curls: Curly Hair Care with Zenutrients

Fun fact: Curls by Zenutrients is a line of hair products formulated especially for Filipinos and Filipinas with wavy/curly hair! 

You might think that you have fairly straight hair, but don’t click out just yet, cause you might have waves but just don’t know it yet! Oftentimes, people mistake their curly hair to just be frizz. Actually, this is one of the tell-tale signs that you might just need to hydrate your hair more to reveal your beautiful waves. Isn’t that wonderful?

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Today, we’ll be telling you all about what Curls is, and a cheat sheet for Zen products that you can use in the Curly Girl Method/CGM!

Curls by Zenutrients is a proudly local brand whose products are all CGM-approved. That means Curls’ products are sulfate and silicone-free (yes, you can even check our ingredients via a CGM bot!). In fact, if you are part of curly hair communities, you’ll see that a lot of them use Curls for their wavy/curly hair!

Curls by zenutrients

Zen Products Cheat Sheet

Upon scouring the PH curly girl communities, we found a list of tried-and-tested Zenutrients products that our lovely curlies use and swear by.

Aloe Vera Shampoo

Known to be one of our most moisturizing shampoos, our Aloe Vera line is perfect for CGM because it’s very hydrating and cleansing. It doesn’t strip moisture away from your hair, and it gives it a wonderful bounce and shine after every use!

Aloe vera shampoo

Tea Tree Shampoo

Because it’s easy for hair to get build up from certain products, our tea tree shampoo is a must-try if you have curly hair. It helps treat dandruff and mildly unclogs hair and scalp to restore your hair’s balance.

Tea tree shampoo

Gugo Shampoo

Your waves might have been rebonded and damaged because of the process. We discovered that a lot of curlies use Gugo shampoo to restore the length of their hair and prevent hair fall!

Gugo hair growth


Aloe Vera

Our aloe vera conditioner, much like its shampoo counterpart, contains enzymes that moisturize the scalp. It’s formulated to seal in moisture for smoother and healthier hair, giving curls the hydration that they need!

Aloe Vera nourishing conditioner


Curlies love our gugo conditioner because it’s super moisturizing! 

Gugo conditioner for hairfall

One of the best parts about ALL of these products? They’re all safe for children above 6! 

We’re having a Curls exclusive sale this April 15-18 on the Zenutrients site! Score 25% OFF on our collection! Mark your calendars!

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