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Curls Treatment Set (200mL Curls Conditioner + 200mL Curls Leave-In Conditioner)

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1x 200mL Curls Conditioner


  • Added with protein to boost hair strength
  • Made with natural ingredients like Avocado, Tea Tree, and Ginseng
  • Contains no sulfate, paraben, protein, and silicone
  • Provides protection from damage
  • Safe for children aged 5+.

1x 200mL Leave-In Conditioner

  •  Reduce frizz
  • • Moisturize hair
  • • Prevent hair damage, and keeps curls defined
  • Use this sulfate, paraben, protein and silicone-free leave in conditioner to reduce frizz, moisturize hair, protect from damage, and keep curls defined. Avocado is known to promote healthy growth and prevents breakage for your luscious locks. Tea Tree Oil is also known to be an all natural solution to ailments such as dandruff and hairloss. With both ingredients, you'll be sure to improve the condition of the scalp and your bouncy curls.