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  1. Curls Protein & Protein-free Conditioner Bundle
  2. Curls Set Clip (NOT FOR PURCHASE)
  3. Curls Starter Set (150mL Curls Shampoo + 150mL Curls Conditioner)
  4. Curls Super Set (1L Curls Shampoo + 1L Curls Conditioner)
  5. Curls Treatment Set (200mL Curls Conditioner + 200mL Curls Leave-In Conditioner)
  6. Curls x Andi Bundle
  7. Daily Zen Set (100g Tea Tree Balancing Soap + 10mL All is Well Roll On)
  8. Eucalyptus & Peppermint Blend Massage Oil 250ml
  9. Fresh Bamboo Sulfate-Free Hand Soap
  10. Gentle Hand Wash Set (Fresh Bamboo Handwash 250mL + Lavender Handwash 250mL)
  11. Ginger Balm 50g
  12. Ginger Blend Massage Oil 250ml
  13. Ginger Oil 50ml
  14. Ginger Roll-On Oil 10ml
  15. Ginseng & Green Tea Blend Massage Oil 250ml
  16. Glutathione & Papaya Whitening Body Scrub – 250g
  17. Glutathione & Papaya Whitening Soap 100g
  18. Goat's Milk & Oatmeal Nourishing Soap 100g
  19. Goat's Milk & VCO Luxurious Lotion 250ml
  20. Goat’s Milk & Oatmeal Luxurious Body Scrub – 300g
  21. Green Bamboo Blend Massage Oil 250ml
  22. Green Tea Blend Massage Oil 250ml
  23. Green Tea Soothing Glycerin Soap 100g
  24. Gugo Classic Set (250mL Gugo Shampoo + 200mL Gugo Conditioner)