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The Shampoo that can Keep Up with You!

The Shampoo that can Keep Up with You!

I think it’s safe to say we are all in need of something quick and easy in our daily routines. 

I think it’s safe to say we are all in need of something quick and easy in our daily routines. 


COVID-19 has forced many of us into solitary living mainly spent at home, but a number of people still find themselves constantly on-the-go and leading active lifestyles. For news presenter, Shawn Yao, everyday is a workday. From juggling work, time with friends, and attending to her pets, her daily routine can get a bit hectic. 


When everyday just seems like race against time, Shawn’s struggles are definitely #relatable. 


Shawn’s Daily Routine

Like many of us, Shawn’s routine has adjusted to the pandemic. “These days, my routine is pretty simple. It’s mostly [spent at] home except when I come into the studio in the afternoons.”


She wakes up mid morning, squeezes in a workout, and hangs out with her pets until she eventually hops in the shower and gets ready for work. Shawn shared that having long hair is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it looks great, but according to her, “shampooing all this hair has always been a chore!” 


First Time Using a Shampoo Bar

Shawn did not immediately jump at the idea of using shampoo bars. “It took me so long to try out a shampoo bar, but a lot of my friends were switching so I thought— there must be something about these bars!” 

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With all her friends switching plus the added guilt she felt from the waste being generated from packaging materials in the pandemic, the lockdown was the perfect time to take the first step into something more eco-friendly and finally try out a shampoo bar. 


She started with buying a few bars online and never looked back since! “What really surprised me was how much faster it was to shampoo with the bar than traditional shampoo!” With such a hectic schedule, Shawn was happy to have found a quick and easy way to save time in her daily routine. 



Shawn’s tip for first time shampoo bar users: “Make sure you store it properly and it will last a long time. I make sure my soap dish is dry and well drained. This makes the bar last longer.”


Economical and Effective

Not only were shampoo bars easier to use (Use just like soap! Wet the bar, apply on your scalp, massage, and rinse!), but Shawn also found that you don’t waste as much product when using one. “I have a lot of hair and it’s made my life more efficient!” And for the colored hair people out there, Shawn has some good news for you, “shampoo bars never messed up my hair color!”


For Shawn, shampoo bars’ efficiency is the main benefit. She's able to clean and save on time, “literally my shampoo time has been cut to less than half.”



The Coco Honey Shampoo Bar

Shawn participated in Zenutrients’ #7DaySoft challenge when we launched the Coco Honey Shampoo Bar. She is definitely not a stranger to Coco Honey since she takes the supplement first thing in the morning every day! (Fun fact: she’s been doing this every single day since 2012!) 



Read more about the super ingredient Coco Honey in last week’s blog


She has always been a fan of Coco Honey and was so thrilled that her favorite amino-acid-loaded product is now in a shampoo bar! After using the Coco Honey Shampoo Bar for just 7 days, Shawn felt the softness in her hair. When it comes to the formulation of the product, Shawn loves the fact that “it's solid and doesn't melt or crumble easily which is a huge plus!”


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